Who Are We ?

Community Enterprises PL12 is an organisation setup to benefit the PL12 postcode area.  We provide a number of different services and have a remit to be invest and work for the betterment of the PL12 area.

We work closely with many other local organisations, including Saltash Town Council, Cornwall Council, Volunteer Cornwall and neighbouring community transport schemes. Everything we do is aimed at the making the PL12 area an even better place to live, work and visit.

Our Story

We have been working in the PL12 community for over 10 years now and have a range of things that we are currently involved in as detailed below.

Community Enterprises PL12 is the operating name for Saltash Gateway Community Interest Company (CIC), which was set up originally to carry forward the work of the Saltash Gateway Market and Costal Town Initiative.

Not For Profit

We are a not for profit organisation administered by 12 volunteer directors.  We are therefore a limited company operating for the benefit of the community rather than the benefit of the owners.

We are always looking for new ways to help the residents of the PL12 area and if you have any ideas or just have some time which you are willing to volunteer we would love to hear from you.


Below are our current Enterprises in PL12.  Please click on the links to see more detail about them.

Saltash Card

The SALTASHCARD is your key to unlocking discounts and offers from shops and businesses in the town.

Show the SALTASHCARD at a range of outlets and you will be given between 5% and 10% off a whole range of goods and services. The offers do change, so it’s always worth checking if you’re making a major purchase.

The Hoppers – The LinkThe TripsTo Hire

We currently have 3 Hopper Buses two 16 seater and one 15 seater minibuses which can carry up to 6 wheelchairs (with a reduced number of seats). Driven and managed by volunteers, we enable organisations and individuals to go on one-off or regular trips locally or further afield.

The Hoppers provide affordable community transport and anyone living in the PL12 area who is a member of our organisation can use them.

The Hub

Open to everyone for information and Hopper bookings, 4 Fore Street is home to a community market and our fresh fruit and veg stall from Thursday to Saturday (9.00am – 2.00pm), as well as a Local Food Market on the first Friday and third Saturday each month.

The Hub is the centre of our organisation and the place where you can come and talk to us!

Dementia Voice

Dementia Voice PL12 is a group of people from all different walks of life; some living with Dementia, some carers, all of whom have been affected by this disease in one way or another.

Our aim is to see the PL12 area become a place that is Dementia friendly and that promotes that living well with this disease is possible.

Belle Vue

18 Belle Vue Road, Saltash was transferred to CEPL12 by the County Council in December 2015.

The substantial three story building has been gifted under the Council’s ‘localism and devolution’ scheme, for the benefit of local residents. Under the two-year lease agreement it has become a centre for social organisations and supporting services.

Help us make PL12 a better place for all

Join the organisation as a member.  Increasing our membership allows us to apply for more grants and funding so we can do more within our community.

Join Us

Saltash Gateway CIC is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having share capital.  
Trading As Community Enterprises PL12
Registered Office: 4 Fore Street, Saltash PL12 6JL
Registered number: 05864014
VAR Registration: 277 3442 82