Volunteer as a Driver or Passenger Assistant


 Why would I want to do that?

Apart from doing some good for your passengers – it can be really sociable and great fun – you get to go on some great trips free of charge. Have a look at our latest trips and see what you would fancy!

I’m not sure!

Why not come on a free trip to see what its all about. We can find a trip with a spare place and one of our current drivers will show you what its all about and how it works. Our driver will be able to answer any of your questions.

So what is involved?

There are a few hurdles to jump over before you can become a Hopper driver. The start point is to be a member of Community Enterprises PL12 (which is free and easy to do) and filling in the application form (available to download at the bottom of the page). From this information we can start the process.

Firstly of all you will be DBS checked to make sure you are ok to work with vulnerable people.

With County Approval you can be a passenger assistant at this stage. We often transport disabled children from their special school in Par to the respite centre in Liskeard – some in wheelchairs. It’s a lot of responsibility but does an awful lot of good. It’s not for everybody but is a big help to keeping transport running.

To be able to drive a Hopper

You must have D1 category on your license. If you are over 70 you will need to fill in a few extra forms and have a medical to get it reinstated. We can help with this. And finally you need to attend the Minibus Drivers Awareness course (MIDAS). This involves some classroom sessions and driving assessment. We will soon be able to do this in house at reasonably short notice so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Yes I’d like to do it!

Brilliant! Either come into the Hub at 4 Fore Street and get the forms or download them below. Once filled in and dropped off at the Hub we will be able to get the process started. We hope you enjoy the training and will enjoy many trips.