Membership Application Information

Please download and complete the membership application form at the bottom of this page and return it to No. 4 Fore Street or email it to  Then you will be able to pick up a membership and/or saltashcard when you are next on Fore Street.  If you want to only acquire a Saltash card then there will be a £5 charge, the combined card is free. 

Data Protection Statement

Community Enterprises PL12 is the trading name of Saltash Gateway Community Interest Company (Registered Number 05864014),

As a membership organisation, we will need to ask for some personal details from our members, staff and volunteers as they join, and we will record these on a register. The purpose of this is mainly to ensure that we can contact people easily when required. Personal information will not be shared with other people or bodies, but if it were ever necessary, it would only be with the specific consent of the individual, or because we are obliged by law to do so.

Community Enterprises PL12 takes its responsibility seriously for securing the privacy of this personal information. We follow the Data Protection Act and the more recent General Data Protection Regulation at all times when asking for or handling personal information.

The main elements of our approach to data protection therefore are:

  • Any personal information requested will be relevant to our work and the nature of individual involvement with us, eg member, volunteer, staff
  • The information will be used only for the purpose for which it was collected
  • The information will be recorded accurately and kept up to date
  • All data will be kept secure against unauthorised access and loss
  • Only a small number of Directors and staff will be authorised to access our data, and they will be trained to ensure its security
  • Relevant records will be removed when an individual ceases to be involved with CEPL12
  • A Director will be appointed as Data Protection Officer to oversee the implementation of policies, to encourage reporting and recording of any breaches, and to respond promptly to enquiries and complaints

Approved by Directors of Community Enterprises PL12 21st March 2018. Policies and practice will be reviewed in the light of experience at least annually.